CCBL Series Marine Vertical Centrifugal Pump
CCBL series marine series-parallel connection vertical centrifugal pump of the performance indicators to meet the CCS "with the construction of steel ships entry-level norms", in line with MSC, 98 (73) resolutions, FSS Ⅱ-Z (international fire safety system rules) requirements.
CCBL series marine vertical centrifugal pump is a kind of series and parallel both to meet the large flow of work and also to accommodate the work of multi-purpose high-lift pumps for cooling the ship, ballast and other low-voltage systems also meet the fire water and washing, deck high-pressure water system which can transport 70 ℃ below the sea water or fresh water.
CCBL series of pump used in open vertical structure, with a compact structure, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, long life, maintenance simple, reliable, and many other advantages. There is no pump valve series-parallel state transitions may be a necessary choice, "serial" or "parallel" work, the other may also be necessary to install self-priming devices.
       CCBL series pump diameter range of 150mm~350mm, flow rate range of 100m ³ / h~2000 m³ / h, head range 20m~100m.