CY Series Marine Wet-end Pump
CY series marine wet-end pumps, including CYW ship submerged sewage pumps、CYNS marine silt pump and CYYseries marine wet-end oil pump. This series of pumps for suction cabin contains a certain percentage of sand, dirt impurities of sewage and its temperature range of -1 ℃~80 ℃, the ratio of impurities no more than 30%, dirt particle diameter less than 20mm. There are special requirements can be clearly stated, for special orders, we will be targeted for your design, service.
This series pump structural characteristics of pump according to the use of different can be used silicon brass, manganese and copper alloys, wear-resistant cast iron alloy, ductile iron, manganese steel impeller package with gold or silicon brass, stainless steel pump shaft.
CYNS series pump should be controlled using the distance of 3m or less, depending on the specific model and the occasion.