LSC Series Marine Vertical Split-casing Centrifugal Pump
LSC series marine vertical spit-casing centrifugal pump is used to transport sea water or fresh water,as cooling,fire-fighting,bilge ballast and other general drainage device,it also can be uesd for dockyard,power plant and water conservancy project.
Vertical structure can save the space for vessel.
Double suction,signal stage impeller can balance the shaft power and make it more stable and long-use.
Centrifugal structure makes repairing and maintenance more convenient.
Double suction structures is good for impeller to avoid erode and makes it use longer.
Usually the pump is made by good quality composite material,pump body with copper alloy or high silicon nodular cast iron,the shaft with stainless steel material,impeller with copper alloy or manganese atainless steel,these can meet different requirement.